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Confedilizia the historical association of homeowners.

Association of Owners of the Province of Imperia. It is a non-profit association that protects homeowners. Adheres nationally at CONFEDERATION CONFEDILIZIA CONFEDILIZIA-Italian Confederation Properties Construction is an association of the second reconstituted degree in 1945 from all the local associations of homeowners, direct heir - after the corporative system - Federation of Associations of homeowners , established by organizations with close associations nuclei arose in 1883. Confedilizia has throughout the country in more than 200 locations. Confedilizia adhere to the owners (also of one dwelling house), apartment buildings, condominiums individual and institutional investors such as insurance companies, banks, pension funds, social security institutions and real estate companies of national importance. Confedilizia also adhere to industry associations, including the Association of Italian ADSI historical homes; the AMPIC-Italian Association timeshare Confedilizia; ANBBA-National Association of bed & breakfast and landlords; ANIA-National Association of Insurance Companies; ASAGES-Association Noble and Historical Archives; ASPESI the National Association of promotion and real estate development company; ASSINDATCOLF-national trade union association of domestic workers employers; the CONFCASALINGHE-National Confederation of Housewives; CNR CASA-National housing Coordinating public building; the Association DOMUSCONSUMATORI-consumer and user protection; The FIAP-Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents; FIDALDO-Italian Federation of domestic employers; FIMPE the supplementary fund multi-building owners. Dedicated sections of Confedilizia organize estate trusts (ASSOTRUSTS-Coordination estate trusts Confedilizia), real estate funds (COFIC-Coordination Confedilizia real estate funds) and Italians abroad (CITES-Coordination Italians abroad). Confedilizia stipulates with the trade union confederations to the national collective employment agreement for employees to owners of buildings and, through ASSINDATCOLF, the national collective employment contract for domestic workers. As a signatory - with Cgil, Cisl and Uil - the Negotiable dependent on owners of buildings representing - exclusive - of the property construction, formed by the unions themselves - in addition to the FUND Coasco - CASE GOALKEEPERS, which provides support services to employees of the industry and the entity EBINPROF, in order - among other things - to provide training and retraining of workers under the national collective bargaining agreement aforementioned. As a signatory of the national collective labor agreement always (that's interesting companies in the sector), Confedilizia integral part of the Permanent Observatory on banks and businesses relationships (BANKIMPRESE) - formed at the initiative of ABI (Italian Banking Association) and Confindustria - along with ace consortia Italy, Casartigiani, Cna, Coldiretti, Confagricoltura, Confapi, Confartigianato, Confcommercio, Confcooperative, Italian Farmers Confederation, Confesercenti and Legacoop. Confedilizia signed at Palazzo Chigi the common Notice Abi-business credit and subsequent formal acts - also signed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance - together with Casartigiani, CIA, Claai, Cna, Coldiretti, Co nfagricoltura, Confapi Confartigianato, Confcommercio, Confcooperative, Confesercenti, Confetra, Confindustria and Legacoop. Confedilizia promoted - to work together through the local census committees erection of a cadastre fair and transparent - the National Coordination interassociation Cadastre, present in every provincial capital, which today sees the participation of Abi, Reeds, Ania, Casartigiani, Cia, Cna, Coldiretti, Confagricoltura, Confartigianato, Confcommercio-Fimaa, Confedilizia, Confesercenti, Confindustria and Fiaip. The property managers, condominium and not, participate in the life of the Organization through CORAM (Coordination Directors Registers). The Headquarters Confedilizia ensures the continuous update - with the registration of new members - REGISTER NATIONAL DIRECTORS CONFEDILIZIA, whose members are issued a certificate of registration original signed by the President and the confederal President of Coram, and provides free services provided . For building managers and real estate in general Confedilizia prepares the courses required for initial and recurrent training both online and fronts as well as care volunteers courses for administrators of condominiums and condo right. It adheres to the Confederation GESTICOND-Free National Association property managers (inscribed in the list of associations of professions not organized into associations or colleges at the Ministry of econ development

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